• Greatly extends cellular signal range for both voice and data
  • Allows multiple phones and data cards to be used simultaneously
  • Supports CDMA, TDMA, GSM & AMPS, in addition to 3G data protocols such as HSDPA, EVDO & EDGE
  • Up to 3-watts maximum output power
  • Plug-and-play kit ? Everything you need is in the box!
  • Power Control Logic Ensures Maximum Output Power Is Within Ce

Product Description

The Wilson Mobile Wireless 3 Watt Cellular Amplifier has been carefully engineered to significantly improve the performance of your cell phone or wireless data card in mobile applications for any U.S. Cellular Provider (Except iDEN/Nextel). Together with an outside Antenna, the Amplifier’s State-of-the-art technology is designed to increase your cellular signal up to 10 times, reduce disconnects and dropouts and increase data communication rates needed for 3G technologies. This unit provides a wireless communication to any cell phone and/or data card within the vehicle and will work for multiple cell phones or data cards simultaneously. The Dual Band Mobile Wireless 824-894/1850-1990 MHz Smart Technology Amplif… More >>

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More info click link : Wilson Electronics – Mobile Wireless – Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Vehicle