• You will recieve (1) 100% Waterproof Notebook and (1) 100% graphite pencil
  • 80 tear-out pages
  • Non-Smudge paper
  • Handy Hanging Strap

Product Description

The Shower Notebook is a Waterproof Note Pad, ideal for bath time eureka moments! Sometimes our best ideas come to us whilst in the shower. By the time we have dried off and talcum powdered our essentials, our revolutionary thoughts have vanished! We bring you this awesome Waterproof Notebook that has a special carbon pencil to help jot down your creative notes, shopping lists, jobs to do and more. Ideal Birthday, Christmas and Housewarming gifts, use our handy note pads to jot down those nagging thoughts, brainwaves and nonsense so you can enjoy your shower with a clear head…and clean hair…. More >>

Price: $11.96

More info click link : Shower Notebook – Waterproof Note Pad