• Build real-world math skills and earn money for arcade games!
  • Thousands of math challenges and word problems
  • 3 action-packed arcade games
  • Automatically adjusts according to your child¿s progress
  • Supports National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards for grades 3-5

Product Description

Use real world math skills to earn money for arcade games! Catch the bus, subway or ferry to travel the city and tackle fun math challenges in the stores of Spectacle City. Build addition, subtraction, fractions and problem solving skills while constructing a skyscraper, sorting toys at the toy store, counting types of candy at the outdoor market and more. Earn money for each correct answer¿then use it to play exciting games in the arcade! Free Inside! What¿s My Change Card Game includes 20 self-checking cards that help kids learn about money!… More >>

Price: $6.35

More info click link : Math Missions with Card Game Kindergarten-2nd Grade