• Soft glowing characters twinkle and twirl overhead as music plays
  • The soft gentle music will play for up to 15 minutes
  • Restart the mobile without disturbing baby with the remote control
  • As baby grows, you can remove the mobile and project the show on the ceiling
  • Bright colors and smiling faces offer visual stimulation

Product Description

The Fisher-Price Twinkling Lights Projection Mobile is a unique mobile that features softly glowing characters that twinkle off and on while undulating up and down and an internal vine with satiny high-contrast bumblebees that spin overhead at the same time. The softly lit characters include a monkey, elephant and lion. Each character has a plastic “lantern-like” construction with soft goods accents. In addition to the motion on the mobile arm there is also a gentle starlight projection that can be selected to project on the ceiling. When the mobile arm needs to be removed at 6 months, the fun colorful base featuring animal characters can be left on the crib as a musical starlight projection soother item. The s… More >>

Price: $49.98

More info click link : Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Twinkling Lights Projector Mobile