• NOTE: WORKS ON PHONES w/ 3.5mm JACK, NOT JUST iPHONE. Simple “switch” operation flip switch to start/stop recording. Works with cell phones with a 3.5mm headphone jack (4 pole)
  • Compact design, only measures 2.7″ x 1.1″ x .25″ (LxWxD) + Unique swivel design allowing it to fit almost any cell phone.
  • 20 Hour Battery | 4GB Memory | 144 Hour Audio Capacity | MP3 Format
  • Record Meetings/Lectures – Not only can you record phone calls, you can also use this as a stand along voice recorder. It even has a “voice activation” mode.
  • MAC & Windows(plug-n-play) – Plug in to any MAC or Windows computer to instantly view, transfer, and listen to recorded files! It functions like a USB flash drive, no extra software needed!

Product Description
Introducing the worlds smallest and easiest to use cell phone recording device! by ESONICSimply plug it into the 3.5mm headphone jack of your cell phone, flip the switch on the side, and instantly record both sides of a phone conversion crystal clear.

The U2 Mobile Recorder’s revolutionary design eliminates the hassle of running audio cables from your phone/ear into a separate voice recording device. Recently released in 2013, we have been in this market for over 5 years and no other device on the market that even compares to the U2 recorder.

The U2’s unique patented design allows it to fit on virtually any mobile phone, even if you have a case on it (phone must have 4-pole 3.5mm headphone jack)! The … More >>

Price: $99.95

More info click link : ESONIC Cell Phone Call Recorder Mobile Conversation Recording Device Iphone Android Droid U2