• Don’t be caught with a dead cell phone battery
  • Will charge most cell phones with the proper adapter
  • Includes 14 phone adapters:
  • Motorola x2, Nextel, Sony, Ericsson, iPod (not iPhone), Nokia x 2, Samsung, Seimens x 2, LG x 3
  • Emergency Zone Brand

Product Description

A cell phone can be a life saver. Do not be caught with a dead battery in an emergency. This Dyanamo charger will charge any cell phone with the proper adapter, and it includes enough adapters for almost any cell phone. Includes 14 mobile phone adapters Motorola, LG, Nextel, Sony, Ericsson, iPod, Nokia, Samsung and Siemens. The charger has over-load protection and a voltage limitation. This is too prevent damage to cell phones. There can be a limitation with some cell phones that require more than amps to charge, but we offer a money back guarantee if you buy the charger and it does not work with your cell phone. Please note that the iPhone voltage requirements are too high for this device. The charger will cha… More >>

Price: $15.95

More info click link : Emergency Zone Mobile Phone Charger with 14 Adapters, No Batteries Required