• Motivating Mickey Mouse Fun Adventure: Learn to type with Mickey Mouse and friends! – Engaging magical medieval adventure theme – Enchantment story unfolds as kids learn to type – More activities when kids reach the Palace & Faire
  • Proven Educational Design: Visual guide hands – 10 Typing Courses for all ages – Hundreds of lessons & challenges – Reports on progress & speed and accuracy
  • Entertaining Mickey Mouse Story & Games: 7 fun and exciting typing games – Play games with just learned keys – Practice typing passages from 10 Disney stories – Kids Coloring Book of Disney characters
  • Exciting Typing Games: Mickey Mouse and the Pyramid of Peril – Transform the pyramid to a new color by typing the words correctly.
  • Fun Typing Games: Run Pluto Run – Reach for keys beyond the home row and help Pluto win the race.

Product Description

Learn to Type With Mickey Mouse and Friends! On a Magical Medieval Adventure in Typelandia Kids learn to type with Mickey Mouse and Friends on an exciting adventure! Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure is packed with just the right mixture of motivation, education, and entertainment so kids can learn to type or improve their typing skills quickly and see immediate results. There are strange things happening in Typelandia. A mysterious magical spell is causing all kinds of problems. Daisy was in the Garden and Minnie was at the Wishing Well when something went wrong. Mickey’s friends are in trouble and they need your help! Use the keyboard to type your way around Typelandia. As you learn to type the keyboard m… More >>

Price: $13.87

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