• * You will receive 4 silicone skins for use with the OtterBox Defender and the iPhone 4 and 4S
  • * This product is manufactured for and sold by Mobile Supply. Mobile Supply has trademark rights to this product, and it may only be sold by Authorized dealers only.
  • * Rugged protection and versatile silicone construction make this a really good value for the price
  • * Save money over the name brand item by buying these four skins for less than the price of one elsewhere
  • * Warranty Card issued and shipped with every purchase. If you did not receive a warranty card with your item, then you purchased from an un-authorized rep. Please make sure you are purchasing from authorized dealers only. This product includes a 30 day money back warranty on all claims submitted. Mobile Supply is a registered trademark, and it’s products are protected under US trademark laws.

Product Description
This Replacement Silicone skin will meet your expectations while being light on your wallet! This silicone skin is not made by OtterBox nor does this product bear any OtterBox logos on it. This is simply meant to be an alternative to buying another silicone skin or an entirely new case. This low cost option will be very durable and stand up to it’s original counterpart when in use.

Warranty Card issued with every purchase, so set your mind at ease when purchasing this product. We will replace any defective skin within 30 days of delivery receipt should you have any problems.

This product is not an actual case!! This is a replacement skin or outer layer for your current defender case.

This is NOT an Otter… More >>

Price: $17.95

More info click link : Black Blue Gray and Green Replacement Silicone Skins for Iphone 4 OtterBox Defender Series. Will include warranty card through Mobile Supply TM and affiliates