• Interactive Letter Fun
  • Alphabet Song Sing-Along
  • Irresistible Animations
  • Teaches Letter Pronunciation
  • Features Lowercase Letters – the Letters for Reading

Product Description

Colorful characters teach your child their lowercase letters and alphabet song in an irresistible way! Does your child love to tickle bunnies or chomp on cookies? This app lets your child do both! Transform “d” into a dog that barks, or turn the letter “i” into an ice cream cone, then add the cherry! Hear silly sounds, poke objects, and sing along! Your child will squeal with laughter while playing with the letters in “abc Wow!” The “abc Wow!” app makes innovations on early learning and child development using letter to object recognition. Designed with a kindergarten teacher’s guidance, “abc Wow!” teaches the lowercase letters – the letters most used for reading and writing. Objects shape… More >>

Price: $4.95

More info click link : abc WOW! – Kids’ Alphabet Flash Cards and Letters Song